We will be closed after March 14th, we are moving to Idaho!

Our Story

Welcome! We are the Riley and Rebecca Shippy family. Both of us were born and raised on small family farms in south-central Idaho, where we gained a passion for raising wholesome, quality foods for our communities. We both knew when we got married that this was the lifestyle and pursuit we wanted to raise our family with. In 2022 we pulled up stakes and settled on a farm in Marengo Indiana. We began raising our animals and were immediately faced with the dilemma of finding the highest quality of feed for them. Much of the grains that are available for animals are genetically modified, or even if they are GMO free, they have been sprayed with harmful chemicals. We are committed to 100% wholesome goodness in everything we produce, so we decided to go organic with everything we feed. We are thankful to have found an organic feed supplier in a nearby state.

We're grateful that the Lord has created the earth so that it brings forth nourishing foods for us, and we are excited to share those with you!