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Half-Pig Deposit

Half-Pig Deposit

Bulk Pork
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Fill your freezer with pastured pork! Our pigs are rotated around our woods and garden in spacious pens, fed leftover raw milk from our cows, and get a mixture of pure organic soy-free grains. This isn't just non-GMO pork, this is organic! We feel strongly about staying away from sprays, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that can still be in non-GMO feeds. So we go the extra mile to make sure we get high quality organic grain for our hogs.


A half pig will weigh around 90lbs hanging weight. It costs $4.25 per lb hanging weight, which equals $382.50 depending on the hanging weight of the pig. There is a $20 kill fee per half.

Processing the meat will take 1-2 weeks depending on cut specifications. 

The cost of butchering will be about $100, which includes meat smoking, sausage, and all packaging. When your pork order is ready, we will notify you and arrange either a farm pick-up or a delivery to you.

Full payment to be made upon pickup. Cut choices and processing form will be sent to you upon deposit.