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Raw Goat Milk

Raw Goat Milk

1 Quart
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*Coming Late March 2023!!!*

Fresh, raw, goat milk from our Saanen goats! Saanens produce sweet tasting milk, and we are careful to manage them in a way that maintains that! No one likes 'goaty' tasting milk!

Our goats have access to organic, spray-free pastures 365 days a year, and receive a mixture of organic grains at milking time. No hormones, antibiotics, GMOs or sprays.

The milk is filtered and chilled in a clean and sanitary manner. It is packaged in a glass quart mason jar. A deposit of $2 per jar will be charged with the initial purchase of the milk. You can add the corresponding amount of milk jars HERE. Subsequent milk orders simply require you to bring your empty jars back to swap for full ones. If you want to simply return your jars to us (and not buy more milk), we will refund your initial deposit.

*Not Intended For Human Consumption*

(It is illegal in the state of Indiana to sell raw milk for any other purpose than for pet use. Hence we label this solely as a treat for your ‘pets’)



Whole raw goat milk